Everything is from earth.

Everything comes from the soil. When small seeds are planted in the ground, they sprout and grow. The nobility of life is felt from the young leaves. They live and breathe. The vitality felt in the soil, the persistent patience felt in it, the uncertain waiting. It's even born out of something. The soil becomes a life, and the life makes beautiful greetings, grope for flesh, and share emotions. Think of the infinite possibilities of flying on sand cliffs. Everything goes back to the soil.

soil, sand, gravel, strata, cliffs, stones, caves

The <Unique> line expresses each mood by mixing various glaze and painting it delicately with a brush. The unique and elegant colors that are applied manually vary from individual to individual, producing only one piece.

At the bottom of the cup, you can see the autograph carved from the artist's fingertips.